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Digital Romance



self-initiated project


pages: 108
dimensions: 124 x 170 mm
technique: digital printing with adhesive binding and Pantone color

fields of work:

idea and concept,
editorial design and web design,
research and writing,
production management


If origin is defined as the place, family and environment in which one grows up, then what about the Internet as origin for the generation of digital natives?
Born in a permanent confrontation with the world, one grows up in an environment where the boundaries between digital and analogue are increasingly merging into a mutually dependent entity. So how can one grow up in a place whose borders are so blurred and indefinable? How can you grow up in a place that does not really exist?
With the book “Digital Romance” Melanie Glück and I faced questions like the previous and explored the boundaries of the Internet in modern times.
We developed a visual language for the content and designed a book and a website to showcase the work.