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item Magazin #1



HTW Berlin, Department of Design


pages: 144
dimensions: 210 x 275 mm
circulation: 500
technique: off-set printing with adhesive binding

fields of work:

art direction, idea and concept,
visual identity and logo design,
editorial design,
project management and strategy,
research and form studies,
poster design and exhibition design,
production management


With this project I founded, designed and introduced the new student magazine item (= Independent platform for the Transfer of Educational impulses via a student Magazine) of HTW Berlin.
The magazine is intended to provide insights into the debates, thoughts, impulses and projects that arise during the course of studies. It establishes a platform for students to introduce themselves and their projects and to consider their work in a socially relevant context. The first issue of item is dedicated to the topic “xeno”.
item was officially implemented and will be continued annually by future students.
In addition to the design and implementation of the magazine I have developed a visual language for the Instagram account, the public exhibition and various posters, stickers and flags as advertising materials.
item Magazin can be purchased via Instagram @item_magazin or in several magazine stores in Berlin.