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item Magazin #2



HTW Berlin, Department of Design


pages: 160
dimensions: 210 x 275 mm
circulation: 300
technique: off-set printing with adhesive binding, blind stamp, Pantone color and separate index foils

fields of work:

lecturing and project management


After the successful launch of item Magazin (= Independent platform for the Transfer of Educational impulses via a student Magazine) I was offered a lectureship at HTW Berlin, in which the students develop and design the future issues of item Magazin under my guidance.
The teaching assignment includes not only the visual consulting of the students, but also an introduction to the fields of editorial work, project management, financing and the publishing of printed media.

With the second issue, the students addressed the prefix “inter” and curiously explored the “in-between”. How are people separated from each other mentally and also physically by this “between” and which impact does it have on our society? In what patterns do we still think today and what does all this mean for designers?
The students asked themselves questions like the previous and exciting persons, such as Manuel Rossner, Friedrich von Borries, Mara Recklies and Dani Coyle, contributed interesting articles for the second issue.
In addition item #2 presents 23 exciting student projects that were developed in the last semesters at the HTW Berlin.
item Magazin can be purchased via Instagram @item_magazin or in several magazine stores in Berlin.

team: Anna Brauwers, Flynn Jorinde Pätz, Liza Arand, Chris Lui, Tutku Sahin, Leo Romanski, Charlotte Thomas, Nathalie Hauf, Badria-Lea Bader, Jule Gerlitz, Benjamin Fischer, Johanna Leißner