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item Magazin #3



HTW Berlin, Department of Design


pages: 120
dimensions: 210 x 275 mm
circulation: 350
technique: off-set printing with ring binding containing varying formats and foldable pages

fields of work:

lecturing and project management


After the successful launch of item Magazin (= Independent platform for the Transfer of Educational impulses via a student Magazine) I was offered a lectureship at HTW Berlin, in which the students develop and design the future issues of item Magazin under my guidance.
The teaching assignment includes not only the visual consulting of the students, but also an introduction to the fields of editorial work, project management, financing and the publishing of printed media.

With the third issue, the students addressed the prefix “trans” and therefore ventured “across”, “through” and “to the other side”: How do our society, our culture and our visual perception transform? And what responsibility do designers face in a world that is constantly changing?
Questions like these were raised by the students and they received exciting contributions from authors such as Ellen Lupton, Lesli Xia, Francesca Schmidt, and Hannah Witte.
In addition, the third issue presents 23 interesting student projects that were developed in the last semesters at HTW Berlin.
item Magazin can be purchased via Instagram @item_magazin or in several magazine stores in Berlin.

team: Franziska Saischek, Julia Krämer, Renée Klöffer, Sonja Kotlyar, Tina Thalmann, Barnabás Böröcz, Miguel Martín Betancor, Chikoba Masonga, Bengi Günay, Jonah Seifried, Karoline Nørbæk, Yana Sokova, Dennis Mayerhöffer
photos by: Barnabás Böröcz