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item Magazin #4



HTW Berlin, Department of Design


pages: 176
dimensions: 210 x 275 mm
circulation: 400
technique: off-set printing with open thread-stitching and detachable transparent cover

fields of work:

lecturing and project management


After the successful launch of item Magazin (= Independent platform for the Transfer of Educational impulses via a student Magazine) I was offered a lectureship at HTW Berlin, in which the students develop and design the future issues of item Magazin under my guidance.
The teaching assignment includes not only the visual consulting of the students, but also an introduction to the fields of editorial work, project management, financing and the publishing of printed media.

In the fourth issue, the students explored the topic of “strip”, thereby breaking barriers, questioning privilege, and addressing subjects such as body positivity, diversity, sex work, and social norms.
Is love for sale or is noncommittal sex the new ideal? Are people whose bodies don‘t conform to the norm included in fantasies and behaviours of the majority? Why, even in 2022, are feelings still interpreted as obstacles and femininity as a weakness?
Questions like these were tackled in this issue and exciting people, such as Ivana Vladislava, Annabelle Ferlings, Yanis Berrewaerts and Fritzi Krafczyk, shared their thoughts with us.
In addition, projects by 19 students from the Department of Design and Culture are featured in this years issue.
item Magazin can be purchased via Instagram @item_magazin or in several magazine stores in Berlin.

team: Coco Nova Estèle Schätzke, Al Ayaasha Medford, Emilia Moro, Eli Zaza Moysiopoulou, Dylan Demtröder, Aylin Eryilmaz, Luzie Drawe, Alexandra Trinkl, Camille Baumann, Ella MacWilliams, Florencia Ramirez, Mani Pham Bui
photos by: Emilia Moro, Dylan Demtröder