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self-initiated project


pages: 114
dimensions: 235 x 315 mm
technique: digital printing with openable binding

fields of work:

idea and concept, editorial design, research, production management and binding


Loop is a compendium, based on my design personality, which analyses my own aesthetic perception and subjective tendencies in design. Especially in our modern age, nostalgia meets a growing interest and long passed trends revive one after the other.
With my work I investigate this recurrence of the past and confront it, just like a mirror, with the trends of today.
To show the resurgent aesthetics, the pairs of images of the past and the present do not obviously encounter on a double page, but are subtly linked by an openable binding.
The compendium is not only to be understood as a book, but also as a collection of stacked posters. The first doublings can be discovered by leafing through, but only by opening the binding it becomes clear that the content is related: on the loose posters the past and present are clearly facing each other.