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pages: 144
dimensions: 210 x 275 mm
circulation: 500
technique: off-set printing with adhesive binding

fields of work:

art direction, idea and concept,
visual identity and logo design,
web design,
project management and strategy


waterslide is a DeFi-Frontend that enables users to take out loans on cryptocurrencies at fair conditions in a decentralized environment and completely detached from banks. The centerpiece of the visual implementation is a complex interface with which users can interact with the Liquity protocol via their browser.
To make the new technology especially accessible and user-friendly, it was important to present the content in a way that is understandable and easy to follow, so that also newcomers can understand the protocol and work with it in a smooth and intuitive way. To achieve this goal, we developed a landing page that explains how to use the app in an understandable way, and also designed a refreshing, playful appearance to provide an easy and entertaining onboarding experience.
The project was officially funded by the DFINITY Foundation.