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XYZ Design Festival Berlin



XYZ Design Festival, self-initiated project


pages: 144
dimensions: 117 x 204 mm
circulation: 500
technique: off-set printing with adhesive binding

fields of work:

art direction, idea and concept,
visual identity and logo design,
web design,
project management and strategy,
poster design,
production management


Together with Marina Engelhardt and Jens Ludewig I founded the XYZ design festival in Berlin.  
With the first edition we focused on the topic of “Contemporary Type” and invited exciting protagonists like Dinamo, Charlotte Rohde, Blaze Type, Vera van de Seyp and Laura Csocsan to Berlin to discuss current trends in type design and to provide several workshops and lectures.
The festival creates space to engage with like-minded people and offers a platform for progressive thinking and experimental approaches.
For the event we created a website, posters and an Instagram account.